Volume V, Issue II
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May 12, 2008

Senator Victor D. Crist

Senator Dave Aronberg

Rep. Juan-Carlos Planas

Rep. Micheal J. Scionti

Judge Paul M. Hawkes

Judge Leslie B. Rothenberg

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February 2008

  • . SC05-1559 - Samuel Jason Derrick v. State of Florida
    Ineffective Counsel: Failure to challenge evidence and testimony, Improper handling of testimony, Conflict of interest, Failure to investigate and present mitigating evidence
  • . SC05-383 - Noel Doorbal v. State of Florida
    Denial of motion to disqualify trial court judge; Denial of motion to depose state attorneys; Improper exclusion of evidence and testimony; Denial of leave to amend motion; Denial of continuance; Ineffective Counsel: Failure to challenge court rulings, Failure to challenge constitutionality of application of aggravators, Failure to challenge presentation of prejudicial evidence
  • . SC05-2264 - Gary Ray Bowles v. State of Florida
    Ineffective Counsel: Failure to investigate and present mitigating evidence, Failure to present evidence rebutting the HAC aggravator
  • . SC06-156 - Pinkney Carter v. State of Florida
    Unconstitutionality of statue abolishing voluntary intoxication defense; Inappropriate application of aggravating factors; Lack of clarity of sentencing order; Agreement with Mexico to not seek death penalty; Jury instructions; Unconstitutionality of death sentence
  • . SC05-611 - State Of Florida v. Virginia Larzelere
    Ineffective Counsel: Failure to raise on direct appeal the inappropriate jury instruction and State closing argument, Conflict of interest

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