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March 2009

  • SC08-887 - Allen Ward Cox v. State of Florida
    Unconstitutionality of Florida's lethal injection procedures

  • SC05-703 - Corey Smith v. State of Florida
    Prejudicial security measures during defendant's trial; Jury selection; Admission of inappropriate testimony and evidence; Limitations placed upon the defense during cross-examination; Denial of motion for a mistrial; State's failure to disclose evidence; Prosecutorial misconduct

  • SC07-1309 - John Loveman Reese v. State of Florida
    Ineffective Counsel: Insufficient investigation and presentation of mitigating evidence, failure to object to unconstitutional jury instructions; Jury interviews; Death sentence as violation of Ring vs. Arizona; Defendant's ineligibility for death penalty; Lethal injection as cruel and unusual punishment; cumulative error

  • SC06-1550 - Clemente Javier Aguirre-Jarquin v. State of Florida
    Newly discovered evidence; Jury selection; Denial of acquittal on burglary charge; Inappropriate application of CCP, HAC, and "witness elimination" aggravators; Admission of inappropriate testimony


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