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July 2009

  • SCSC05-830 - Leonard Franqui v. State of Florida
    Circuit Court denial reversed and remanded to lower court for new evidentiary hearing
  • SC06-1408 - John F. Mosely v. State of Florida
    Due process; Inflammatory and improper remarks of prosecutor; Inclusion of recorded jail conversations; Denial of motion for continuance and for a mistrial; Videotape of shackled defendant delivered to jury room; Ruling on aggravating circumstance; Denial of motion for acquittal; Denial of request for new trial; Denial of request for standard jury instruction; Violates Sixth Amendment and Ring v. Arizona; Constitutionality of Court's comparative proportionality review; Disproportionate sentence; Unconstitutionality of lethal injection
  • SC09-1080 - John Richard Marek v. State of Florida
    On third postconviction motion: Constitutional reliability of conviction and sentence; Denial of due process in clemency; Denial of due process in initial postconviction proceedings;
    On fourth postconviction motion: Due process violated, Caperton v. Massey; Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • SC06-1572 - Ricardo I. Gill v. State of Florida
    Defendant's mental illness; Disproportionate nature of sentence; Violation of principles set forth in Ring vs. Arizona
  • SC06-2375 - Curtis W. Beasley v. State of Florida
    Ineffective counsel: Failure to adequately investigate persons disclosed by discovery, failure to assert objections, inadequate investigation and preparation of mitigating evidence; Improper jury contact; Unconstitutionality of lethal injection; Unconstitutionality of Florida's death-sentencing procedures; Cumulative error
  • SC07-648 - Fred Anderson, Jr. v. State of Florida
    Ineffective counsel: Inadequate investigation and presentation of mitigating evidence, failure to seek the jury instruction regarding aggravating factors, failure to make proper objections; Shackling of the defendant at trial; Jury selection; Defendant's mental health
  • SC07-1167 - Herman Lindsey v. State of Florida
    Denial of defendant's motion for acquittal
  • SC07-2258 - Samuel L. Smithers v. State of Florida
    Ineffective counsel: Ineffective counsel: Inadequate investigation of mitigating evidence; failure to strike a juror, failure to seek exclusion of the defendant's statements, failure to obtain a medical examiner as a defense witness
  • SC08-99 - Jeffrey G. Hutchinson v. State of Florida
    Ineffective counsel: failure to present needed evidence; Trial court's denial of the defendant's claims of innocence and conflict of interest


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