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Florida Supreme Court Opinions:

March 2011

    SC09-780 Ray Lamar Johnston v. State of Florida; and SC10-75 Ray Lamar Johnston v. Edwin G. Buss, Etc.

    The Florida Supreme Court affirmed the Circuit Court's denial of Johnston's 3.851 and denied his Habeas petition.

    SC07-1434 Nelson Serrano v. State of Florida

    On 08/07/07, Serrano filed a Direct Appeal in the Florida Supreme Court citing the following issues: (1) denial of the defendant's motion for judgment of acquittal, (2) the Due Process Clause of the Florida Constitution, (3) refusal to dismiss the indictment because law enforcement violated international law, numerous treaties, and the defendant's constitutional rights, (4) prosecutorial misconduct, (5) refusal to admit polygraph results, (6) the defendant's motion for change of venue should have been granted, (7) refusal to suppress the defendant's statements, (8) "avoid arrest" aggravator, (9) proportion of sentence is unconstitutional, (10) proportionality of death sentence, (11) lack of concrete evidence, (12) violation of due process, the 6th Amendment, and Ring v. Arizona and its progeny, and (13) lethal injection is unconstitutional.

    The Florida Supreme Court affirmed the convictions and sentences on 03/17/11.

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