Volume II, Issue II
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May 9, 2008

Senator Walter "Skip" Campbell, Jr., Chair

Rep. Sandra "Sandy" Adams, Vice-Chair

Judge Charles T. Canady

Rep. Dan Gelber

Judge Richard A. Luce

Senator J. Alex Villalobos


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January 2005



February 2005


“Conducting the Penalty Phase
of a Capital Case”

Judge O. H. Eaton
Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

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Blakely v. Washington:
Implications for State Courts
By National Center for State Courts
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The Commission on Capital Cases would like to remind Registry Attorneys to please notify the commission of any address, telephone, or e-mail changes so we can update our information.

Death Warrants:
There are no death warrants at this time.

Death Row Inmate
Legal Status & Complete Case Histories

By accessing the inmate legal status page of our website, visitors can view the current status of an inmate's case and read a detailed summary of each case, including the circumstances of the offense and the complete trial/appellate history.

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