The Commission on Capital Cases was not funded in the FY 2011-2012 General Appropriations Act, and the Commission ceased operations on June 30, 2011. This site and the Commission website are being retained to provide access to historical materials.

The Registry Attorneys will be continued by the Justice Administration Commission.

These actions are effective July 1, 2011.
Inmate Legal Status

The legal process for a capital case is complex and multidirectional. There are numerous types of appeals and different levels of courts in which the appeals are filed. The Commission on Capital Cases developed this website in an effort to provide the public with information about the present appellate status for each of Florida’s death penalty cases.

Disclaimer: This site is no longer updated as of June 30, 2011.The Commission on Capital Cases receives this information from a variety of sources. The site will be updated consistently as information is received and will be audited bi-annually. We make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information provided; however, the information should be verified by the applicable court prior to using it for legal or statistical purposes.

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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
AbdoolDane130335CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
Aguirre-JarquinClemente128074CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion filed
AllenLloyd890793CCRC-SCase SummaryUSSC - Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed
AllenMargaret699575TBACase SummaryCC - Motion denied
AllredAndrew13093018th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
AlstonPressley709795PrivateCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
AltersbergerJoshua131596TBACase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
AlvordGary041482PrivateCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
AndersonCharles447891CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
AndersonFred218693CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas filed
AndersonRichard042115CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Denied
ArbelaezGuillermo122079CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Answer brief filed
ArcherRobin 216728RegistryCase SummaryCC - Motion to strike successive 3.851 Motion
ArmstrongLancelot693504CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments set for 5/3/11
AsayMark078387Registry/FederalCase SummaryUSSC - Cert denied
AtwaterJeffrey120467CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Cert denied
AultHoward664697Pro SeCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
BaileyRobert128135RegistryCase SummaryCC - Order to strike 3.851 Motion
BakerCorneliusV255817th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral Argument Held
BallardRoy46758310th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
BanksChadwick 582127Registry/FederalCase SummaryUSDC - Dismissed
BanksDonaldJ29603RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Reply
BarnesJames071551Pro SeCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
BarnhillArthur992634CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Reply
BarwickDarryl092501RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
BatesKayle088568CCRC-SCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas petition
BeasleyCurtis356054RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied
BelcherJames286173RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - COA granted
BellMichael108426State/Registry, Federal/Pro SeCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Motion appeal
BelloCarlos107051Case SummaryCC - Adjudicated Incompetent
BevelThomas J29642CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Status conference scheduled
BlakeHaroldH13715CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - EH set
BlancoOmar084582RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas petition denied
BogleBrett110365RegistryCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing held
BolinOscar Ray519220RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Reply
BookerStephen044049RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas appeal filed
BowlesGary086158RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
BoydLucious699893CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
BraddyHarrel40635611th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
BradleyDonald066600RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Response
BranchEric313067RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Denied
BrantCharles588873PrivateCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion filed
BrightRaymond200047TBACase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
BrooksLamar124538RegistryCase SummaryCC - Successive 3.851 Motion filed
BrownPaul Alfred 019762CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - COA denied
BrownPaul AnthonyV02093RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied
BrunoMichael658761CCRC-SCase SummaryUSCA - COA granted
BurnsDaniel111918CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Response
ButlerHarry233984CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Answer brief filed
BuziaJohn E11617CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments scheduled
ByrdMilford085488CCRC-SCase SummaryUSDC - Motion to stay proceedings
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
CaballeroLuisL28231CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference scheduled
Calloway TavaresM03128PDCase SummaryFSC - Direct appeal filed
CaraballoVictor12924911th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
CardJames081792RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas appeal filed
CardonaAna16218011th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - Resentenced to death
CarrEmiliaU24131Case SummaryFSC - Direct appeal filed
CarrollElmer835908RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Cert denied
CarterPinkney127513RegistryCase SummaryCC - Huff hearing held
CaveAlphonso087429RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas Appeal
CaylorMatthewQ23494TBACase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
ChandlerOba056979CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Certiorari Denied
ChavezJuanM18034RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - COA granted
CherryRoger021641RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Motion granted
ClarkRonald812974RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed
ColeLoran335421CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion denied
ColeTiffanyJ352124th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - Status conference held
ColemanMichael067457RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
ConahanDanielY02046CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Motion appeal
CondeRoryM25274RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
ConnorSeburt124517CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - COA granted
ConsalvoRobert941687RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - COA granted in part, denied in part
CookDavid100018CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Penalty phase scheduled
CooperRichard087442CCRC-M/PrivateCase SummaryUSDC - COA application
CorrellJerry101151CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Reply to response to third amended petition
CoxAllen188854CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Initial brief filed
CrainWillie096344CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments set for 5/4/11
Cumming-elFrederick120190RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
DaileyJames108509CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas petition denied
DamrenFloyd 061360Private (Federal)Case SummaryUSCA - Vacated order dismissing petition and remanded
DavisAdam145267CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Appeal Denied
DavisEddie 097852CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Cert denied
DavisLeon Jr.H27248TBACase Summary
DavisMark 106014RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Motion to stay
DavisRalstonL83131PDCase SummaryFSC - Notice of Appeal
DavisToney300807RegistryCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing
DavisWilliam J31703RegistryCase SummaryCC - Response
Delgado Jesus658187RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - COA granted
DelhallWadadaL3102211th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments set for 09/07/11
DennisLabrant124607CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion denied
DeparvineWilliam256512CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary hearing scheduled
DerrickSamuel097494RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Response
DessaureKennethR05023CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed
DevineyRandall132862TBACase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
DiazJoelY06133CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary hearing
DillbeckDonald068610RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - COA denied
DoorbalNoel M16320RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
DouganJacob 046622PrivateCase SummaryCC - Writ of Mandamus
DouglasLuther125172RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments set for 6/8/11
DownsErnest063143Pro Se/ Private (Federal)Case SummaryUSSC - Denied
DoyleDaniel 086006PrivateCase SummaryFSC - Habeas denied; No current appeals pending
DuboseRasheem133428TBACase SummaryFSC - Direct appeal filed
DuckettJames112232CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Successive 3.851 Motion filed
DufourDonald061222CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Motion for rehearing
DurousseauPaulJ190874th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
EaglinDwight 16622420th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion filed
EllerbeeTerryX50469TBACase SummaryFSC - Reply brief filed
EnglandRichard115574CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing
EvansPaul572349CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Response filed
EvansSteven 330290CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Reply
EvansWydell 113416CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Petition denied with prejudice
EverettPaul Q13157RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
FarinaAnthony684135CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Reply
FarrVictor 541170RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
FennieAlfred 490989RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas appeal filed
FergusonJohn Errol015110PrivateCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
FinneyCharles516349RegistryCase SummaryCC - 3.850 motion appeal
FitzpatrickMichael527097CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion granted; judgements and sentences vacated
FloydFranklinR30302CCRC-M/Pro SeCase SummaryCC - Competency Hearing
FloydMauriceV01514CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
FordJames 763722RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Cert granted; judgment vacated and case remanded
FosterCharles049546RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
FosterJermaine310094RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Denied
FosterKevin DY01561CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
FotopoulosKonstantin616550CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
FrancesDavidX33939CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary hearing
FrancisCarltonW08567CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary hearing
FranklinQuawn268130CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Status conference held; EH scheduled for July 2011
FranquiLeonardo445903RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Motion for rehearing denied
FreemanJohn072746RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
GambleGuy 123096CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
GaskinLouis 751166CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Mandate issed
GeraldsMark729185RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Motion for rehearing
GillRicardo105559RegistryCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion dismissed
GonzalezLeonard Jr.768915Case SummaryFSC - Direct appeal filed
GonzalezRicardo123763RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas appeal filed
GorbyOlen286008RegistryCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
GordonRobert123911PrivateCase SummaryFSC - 3.851 Motion Appeal
GoreDavid 081008RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Certiorari denied
GoreMarshall 401256RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
GosciminskiAndrewK5439519th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
GregoryWilliamV19522TBACase SummaryCC - Sentenced to death
GriffinMichael A.182543PrivateCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion filed
GriffinMichael J.124518CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
GrimNorman282008RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas petition denied
GrooverTommy088266Pro BonoCase SummaryFSC - Denied
GuardadoJesse324342RegistryCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing scheduled
GudinasThomas379799CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas appeal filed
GuzmanJames 395352CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Motion for stay of retrial granted pending habeas appeal
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
HaliburtonJerry046651CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Motion granted in part
HallDonteX45131TBACase SummaryFSC - OA Scheduled for 05/05/11
HallEnoch214353Case SummaryFSC - Initial Brief
HallFreddie Lee022762CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Reply Brief
HamiltonRichard123846RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Appeal Denied
HamptonJohn132474Case SummaryFSC - Direct Appeal
HannonPatrick500914CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion Denied
HappWilliam117027CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Certificate of Appealibility Denied
HardwickJohn073053RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Evidentiary Hearing
HartleyKenneth318987RegistryCase SummaryCC - State's Reponse to 3.850 Motion
HarveyHarold102992PrivateCase SummaryUSCA - Petition Denied
HaywardSteven106576CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
HeathRonald065145RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas petition
HendrixRobert104721RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
HenryJohn Ruthell053105RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Petition Denied
HenryRobert607497CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Rehearing Denied
Hernandez, Jr.MichaelP31867RegistryCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing
Hernandez-AlberPedroT28329CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Status Report
HerringTed082284PrivateCase SummaryFSC - Response
HertzGuerry567668RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition Denied
HeyneJustinX23653Case SummaryFSC - Reply Brief
HildwinPaul923196CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
HiltonGary133897Case Summary
HitchcockJames058293CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Amended Petition
HodgesGeorge117157CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion Denied
HodgesWillieP368141st Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Mandate
HojanGerhardL49959CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
HollandAlbert122651CCRC-SCase SummaryUSDC - Case Reopened
HoskinsJohnnie962032CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - OA Scheduled for 06/07/11
HowellPaul123792RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Certiorari Denied
HudsonRussell181193CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
HugginsJohn059121CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Status Report
HunterJames115624CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Denied
HunterJeroneV26165CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
HurstTimothy124669RegistryCase SummaryCC - Jury Trial
HutchinsonJeffrey 124849RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Appeal for Writ of Habeas Corpus
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
IbarPablo L31274Court-appointedCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
IsraelConnie065135CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC - Habeas petition
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
JacksonEtheria072847CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - State Motion for Rehearing Denied
JacksonMichaelJ34141RegistryCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
JacksonMichael103663Case SummaryFSC - Initial Brief
JacksonRay 973885CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion
JamesEdward969121CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Rehearing denied
JeffriesSonnyX18736CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Denied
JenningsBrandy721097CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion Denied
JenningsBryan 073045RegistryCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
JimenezJose406677RegistryCase SummaryCC - Huff Hearing
JohnsonEmanuel338043CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Status Report
JohnsonPaul019513RegistryCase SummaryFSC - State Motion for Rehearing Denied
JohnsonRichardK51342CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing
JohnsonRonnie440701RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
JohnsonTerrell010796CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - State's Reponse to 3.850 Motion
JohnstonRay927442CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Motion for Rehearing
JonesClarence117629RegistryCase SummaryUSDC - Response
JonesDavid914949RegistryCase SummaryCC - Successive 3.851 Motion
JonesHarry062368RegistryCase SummaryCC - Huff Hearing
JonesMarvin309567RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
JonesRandall111508CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus Appeal
JonesVictor420481CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Appeal
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
KaczmarLeoJ204994th Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Direct Appeal filed
KearseBilly138315CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Appeal filed
KelleyWilliam093417PrivateCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
KilgoreDean029315CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
KimbroughDarius374123CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
KingMichael13225410th Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
KnightRichardL3634517th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral argument held
KnightRonald610979CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
KnightThomas (aka Askari Muhammad)017434Pro Bono, Federal, RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
KocakerGenghis47970110th Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
KokalGregory 072002Registry/FederalCase SummaryFSC - Response brief filed
KopshoWilliam1227875th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral argument held
KormondyJohnny200754RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-N - Reply brief filed
KrawczukAnton721842CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
LaMarcaAnthony071588FederalCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
LambrixCary Michael482053CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
LawrenceGary039763Registry; FederalCase SummaryUSSC - Affirmed
LawrenceJonathan898522RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-N - Petition denied
LebronJermaine472846RegistryCase SummaryCC - Case Management Conference held
LightbourneIan D.078081CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - State's response filed
LongRobert 494041PrivateCase SummaryCC - SC held
LooneyJasonN00676PrivateCase SummaryUSCA - Mandate denying Certificate of Appealability denied
LottKen 026985Registry/FederalCase SummaryUSCA - Certificate of Appealability denied
LoweRodney 699349CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Resentencing Set for 01/13/10
Lucas Harold058279CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Reply brief filed
LugoDanielM16321RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-S - Amended petition filed
LukehartAndrew R391485RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
LynchRichardE08942CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Response filed
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
MannLarry077663CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Application for Certificate of Appealability was filed
MansfieldScott124460CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Notice of Appeal filed
MarquardJohn122995CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Appeal denied
MarshallMatthew648254CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.851 Appeal filed
MartinDavidJ302582nd Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
MatthewsDouglasV29877Court AppointedCase SummaryFSC - Direct Appeal filed
McCoyRichard (aka Jamil Rashid)099752PrivateCase SummaryFSC - 3.851 Appeal filed
McCrayGaryJ01369PrivateCase SummaryFSC - Oral argument held
McDonaldMeryl180399CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Reply filed
McGirthRenaldoU331645th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Response filed
McKenzieNorman6487117th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
McLeanDerrick9965849th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
McMillianJustin1332204th Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Direct Appeal filed
McWattersEugeneK5350019th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
MeeksDouglas046346RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petiton of Certiorari denied
MeltonAntonio217358RegistryCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
MendozaMarbel450307CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
Merck, Jr.Troy118167CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Motion stricken
MillerDavidJ08118RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate
MillerLionel0251719th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
MooreThomas116335Registry/FederalCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary hearing held
MorrisRobert550026CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Reply filed
Morrison, Jr.Raymond113388RegistryCase SummaryCC - Status Conference held
MortonAlvin309066CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas Appeal filed
MosleyJohnJ30192RegistryCase SummaryCC - Order to strike motion
MuehlemanJeffrey094506CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
MunginAnthony288322PrivateCase SummaryFSC - Reply filed
MurrayGerald291140RegistryCase SummaryCC - Response filed
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
NelsonJoshua 989102RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral argument held
NelsonMicah 535168CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Response filed
NixonJoe910610PrivateCase SummaryUSDC-N - Petitioner's response filed
NowellWillie9139137th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - Retrial date set 10/06/09
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
Oats Jr.Sonny051769CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
OcchiconeDominick226426CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
OrmeRoderick726848RegistryCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
OvertonThomas911193CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
OwenDuane101660CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-S - Motion to alter judgment filed
OyolaMiguelN15968Case SummaryFSC - Direct Appeal filed
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
PaceBruce084643CCRC-S/RegistryCase SummaryCC - Motion Denied
PaganAlex668630CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-S - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
PardoManuel111983CCRC-SCase SummaryUSSC - Petition for Rehearing
ParkerJ.B.789049RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Argument
Parker, Jr.Norman019355CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Status Report
PartinPhillup185563TBACase SummaryFSC - OA Scheduled for 06/08/11
PatrickEric197598Case SummaryFSC - Reponse to Show Cause Order
PattonRobert049448CCRC-SCase SummaryUSSC - Writ of Certiorari denied
PeedeRobert093094CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - State Response
PenalverSeth18989715th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - Hearing
PeterkaDaniel119773RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Rehearing Denied
PetersonCharles081163CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
PetersonRobert287224Case SummaryFSC - Initial Brief
PhamTai95371218th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral Argument
PhillipsGalanteJ03479RegistryCase SummaryCC - Status Conference
PhillipsHarry008035CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Appeal
PhilmoreLenard314648CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Denied
PietriNoberto096867CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - State's Reponse to 3.851 Motion
PittmanDavid351997RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Argument
PonticelliAnthony112967RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-M - Petition Denied
PooleMarkH1254810th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - Hearing
PoolerLeroy124283RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-S - Reply filed
PopeThomas083040CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Denial Affirmed
PrestonRobert072593CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Habeas filed 12/15/08
PuiattiCarl716927Counsel Pro Hac ViceCase SummaryUSCA - Reversed and Remanded to USDC
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
QuinceKenneth075812CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing held
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
RaleighBobby124052RegistryCase SummaryCC - State's response filed
RandolphRichard (AKA Abdul-Sajjad Muh115769CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
ReavesWilliam040002CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
ReedGrover105661RegistryCase SummaryCC - Amended motion filed
ReeseJohn123069RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-M - Reply brief filed
ReynoldsMichael324170RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed
RhodesRichard099269RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-M - Response filed
RigterinkThomasH2301210th Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
RimmerRobert649748CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
RiveraMichael640779CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Mandate entered
RobardsRichardR17262Case SummaryFSC - Direct Appeal filed
RobertsRickey100866CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Resentencing hearing scheduled for 10/20/09
RobinsonMichael713735Registry/FederalCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
RobinsonTimothy393789CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
RodgersJeremiah123101RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
RodgersTheodore010243RegistryCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary hearing held
RodriguezJuan394141CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.203 Appeal filed
RodriguezManuel073283CCRC-SCase SummaryUSDC-S - Reply filed
RogersGlen124400CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
RoseJames F.011225RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
RoseMilo090411Registry/Federal; Pro SeCase SummaryUSCA - USCA affirmed the denial of the Habeas Petition
RossBlaine12968812th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
RussDavid35898618th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Oral arguments held
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
SalazarNeil128019CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - State's response filed
San MartinPablo445904RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - USCA affirmed the denial of the Habeas Petition
SchoenwetterRandyE20773CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed
ScottKevinJ3914910th Circuit Public DefenderCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
ScottPaul071615RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
SeibertMichael10566911th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Motion denied
SerranoNelson129232PrivateCase SummaryFSC - FSC affirmed convictions and sentences
ShellitoMichael302491RegistryCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Appeal filed
ShereRichard116320RegistryCase SummaryFSC - 3.851 Appeal filed
SilviaWilliam51257918th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - FSC affirmed convictions and sentence
SimmonsEric461776CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - 3.851 Appeal filed
SimpsonJason301898RegistryCase SummaryCC - State's response filed
SimsMerrit436015PrivateCase SummaryCC - Status conference set for 05/07/10
SireciHenry056338CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Reply brief filed
SlineyJack905288RegistryCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas Appeal filed
SmithCorey192202CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - State's response filed
SmithDerrick490606RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Oral Arguments held
SmithJoseph89950012th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Reply brief filed
SmithSean (AKA Dolan Darling)X06883CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
SmithStephen189262CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - Status conference scheduled
SmithersSamuel124639CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Reply filed
SnelgroveDavid4425647th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Answer brief filed
SochorDennis639131CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Appeal filed
SpannAnthony347463RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Reply brief filed
SpencerDusty321031CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
SteinSteven122551PrivateCase SummaryCC - Answer brief filed
StephensJason124493RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-M - Petition denied and dismissed with prejudice
StewartKenneth479774RegistryCase SummaryUSDC-M - Reply filed
SuggsErnest220267PrivateCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
SwaffordRoy087905CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
SweetWilliam100063RegistryCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
TanziMichaelK04389CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Answer brief filed
TaylorJohn CalvinJ12116RegistryCase SummaryFSC - 3.850 Appeal filed
TaylorPerry086160CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Reply brief filed
TaylorSteven288500RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
TaylorWilliam111640CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Oral argument scheduled for 09/08/11
ThomasWilliam311509FederalCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
ThompsonWilliam053779CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - 3.851 Appeal filed
TreaseRobert124346Pro BonoCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
TrepalGeorge121965CCRC-SCase SummaryUSDC-M - Motion for Certificate of Appealability filed
TrotterMelvin573461CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Disposition affirmed
TroyJohn121605CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed
TumblinAlwin55490119th Circuit PDCase SummaryFSC - Mandate issued
TurnerJamesV297547th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
TurnerWilliam T.099865RegistryCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
TwilegarMarkY3288820th Circuit PDCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
ValentineTerrance119682CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed
ValleManuel853220CCRC-SCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
Van PoyckWilliam034071PrivateCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion filed
VenturaPeter110277CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied
VictorinoTroy898405RegistryCase SummaryCC - State's response filed
ViningJohn 929133PrivateCase SummaryUSSC - Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
WadeAlanJ35401PrivateCase SummaryCC - Status conf. scheduled
WainwrightAnthony123847RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Pro Se 3.850 Appeal stricken and dismissed
Walker IIRobert S126605CCRC-MCase SummaryFSC - Oral argument scheduled 09/09/11
WallsFrank 112850Registry/FederalCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas Appeal filed
WaltonJason093268CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
WashingtonAnthony075465CCRC-MCase SummaryUSDC-M - State's Response to Amended Habeas Petition filed
WaterhouseRobert075376RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Denial affirmed
WattsTony286020RegistryCase SummaryCC - Defendant again declared incompetent to proceed
WelchAnthonyE0295718th Circuit PDCase SummaryCC - Retrial set
WheelerJason 991988CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing scheduled 7/25-28/11
WhiteWilliam067048PrivateCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion denied
WhitfieldErnest764970CCRC-MCase SummaryUSCA - Remanded to USDC for fact finding and further proceedings
WhittonGary 936283RegistryCase SummaryCC - Closing Arguments
WickhamJerry504430PrivateCase SummaryCC - 3.850 Motion (on remand) denied
WilcoxDarious444904TBACase Summary
WillacyChadwick707742RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Initial brief filed
WilliamsRonnie K.645118CCRC-SCase SummaryCC - 3.851 Motion amended
WilliamsonDana048606RegistryCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing held
WilliamsonJohnny096448RegistryCase SummaryFSC - Rehearing denied
WindomCurtis 368527Registry/FederalCase SummaryUSSC - Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied
WoodelThomas H06832CCRC-MCase SummaryCC - Evidentiary Hearing held 03/21/11 and continued until 05/11-13/11
WrightJoel 749768CCRC-SCase SummaryUSDC-M - Reply to State's response to amended petition
WrightTavaresH10118PrivateCase SummaryCC - Status conf. scheduled 05/26/11
WyattThomas 121892CCRC-SCase SummaryFSC - Oral Argument held 4/6/11
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
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Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryStatus
ZackMichael124439PrivateCase SummaryUSCA - Habeas Appeal filed
ZakrzewskiEdward 554000Registry/FederalCase SummaryCC - Motion denied
ZeiglerWilliam053948PrivateCase SummaryCC - Reply filed
ZommerTodd349878CCRC-MCase SummaryUSSC - Petition denied

Last NameFirst NameDOC LinksAgencyCase SummaryDate of Execution
BlackwelderJohn069574RegistryCase Summary5/26/2004
BottosonLinroy078079CCRC-MCase Summary12/9/2002
BryanAnthony102476CCRC-NCase Summary2/24/2000
CastroEdward110488CCRC-NCase Summary12/7/2000
DavisAllen040174CCRC-MCase Summary7/8/1999
DempsBennie030970PrivateCase Summary6/7/2000
DiazAngel101061CCRC-SCase Summary12/13/2006
GlockRobert093836CCRC-NCase Summary1/11/2001
GrossmanMartin089742CCRC-MCase Summary2/16/2010
HauserDan538283CCRC-NCase Summary8/25/2000
HenyardRichard225727CCRC-MCase Summary9/23/2008
HillClarence089718RegistryCase Summary9/20/2006
HillPaul459364CCRC-NCase Summary9/3/2003
KingAmos036275CCRC-MCase Summary2/26/2003
MarekJohn 094417RegistryCase Summary8/19/2009
ProvenzanoThomas094542CCRC-MCase Summary6/21/2000
RobinsonJohnny102767CCRC-MCase Summary2/4/2004
RollingDanny521178RegistryCase Summary10/25/2006
RutherfordArthur105314RegistryCase Summary10/18/2006
Sanchez-VelascoRigoberto088795CCRC-SCase Summary10/2/2002
SchwabMark111129CCRC-MCase Summary7/1/2008
SimsTerry M.032827CCRC-MCase Summary2/23/2000
SlawsonNewton119658CCRC-MCase Summary5/16/2003
TompkinsWayne099350CCRC-SCase Summary2/11/2009
WuornosAileen150924CCRC-MCase Summary10/9/2002
Last NameFirst NameDOCAgencyCase SummaryAge at DeathDate of Death
BreedloveMcArthur067719CCRC-SCase Summary632/17/2010
BrownGeorge300160CCRC-MCase Summary582/11/2007
BryantByron662131CCRC-SCase Summary429/19/2009
ChandlerJim078361CCRC-SCase Summary553/6/2010
CodayWilliamL4197615th Circuit PDCase Summary514/29/2008
ColinaManuelCase Summary474/18/1999
ConeyJimmieCase Summary579/22/2004
CoueyJohn0634255th Circuit PDCase Summary519/30/2009
CruseWilliam117051TBACase Summary8211/29/2009
DuestLloyd 089061RegistryCase Summary592/16/2011
ElledgeWilliam046625RegistryCase Summary574/22/2008
FerrellJack083905CCRC-MCase Summary665/15/2007
GarciaHenry 113069CCRC-SCase Summary6111/26/2009
GilliamBurley097234RegistryCase Summary593/23/2008
GlobeCharles 097707RegistryCase Summary481/5/2008
GreenAlphonso042143CCRC-MCase Summary589/3/2009
HarrisonDwightCase Summary464/21/1999
HuffJames075985CCRC-S Case Summary554/30/2001
JohnsonMarvin018685PrivateCase Summary5611/21/1999
JohnstonDavid084761PrivateCase Summary5010/29/2010
KoonRaymond831760CCRC-NCase Summary7312/2/2005
LawrenceMichael056903CCRC-NCase Summary479/18/2002
LopezEduardo094666CCRC-SCase Summary573/26/2004
MendykToddCase Summary353/2/2002
MonlynBroderick086458CCRC-NCase Summary434/12/2005
PettitSamuel082167CCRC-MCase Summary4311/4/2005
PopeHoraceCase Summary527/7/1999
PowerRobert072550CCRC-SCase Summary5012/3/2010
RoutlyDan076205CCRC-MCase Summary448/11/1999
SextonEddie532757CCRC-MCase Summary6812/29/2010
SingletonLawrence529518NoneCase Summary7412/29/2001
SmithFrank016296NoneCase Summary521/30/2000
SteinhorstWalter065929PrivateCase Summary689/23/1999
TeffetellerRobert075785NoneCase Summary466/10/2000
ValdezFrank072791Pro SeCase Summary367/17/1999
WayFred092712CCRC-NCase Summary615/25/2006
WikeWarfield116838CCRC-NCase Summary487/16/2004
WinklesJames 009547CCRC-MCase Summary699/10/2010

The following inmates were released from Death Row and not resentenced to life for First Degree Murder.

Last NameFirst NameCase SummaryYear of Release
BallardJohnCase Summary2006
BrownAnthonyCase Summary1986
BrownJoseph GreenCase Summary1987
BrownWillieCase Summary1987
CoxRobert CraigCase Summary1989
GoldenAndrewCase Summary1993
GreenJoseph NahumeCase Summary2000
HayesRobertCase Summary1997
HoltonRudolphCase Summary2003
JacobsSoniaCase Summary1992
JaramilloAnibalCase Summary1982
KeatonDave RobyCase Summary1979
LeeWilbertCase Summary1975
LindseyHermanCase Summary2009
MartinezJoaquinCase Summary2001
MelendezJuanCase Summary2002
PeekAnthonyCase Summary1987
PittsFreddie Case Summary1975
RamosJuanCase Summary1987
RichardsonJames JosephCase Summary1989
ScottBradleyCase Summary1991
TibbsDelbertCase Summary1982
TroyLarryCase Summary1987
Last NameFirst NameCase SummaryDate of Resentence to Life
BighamEddieCase Summary3/16/2009
BusbyAndrew Case Summary5/13/2009
CapehartGregoryCase Summary2/24/2011
ChamberlainJohnCase Summary4/15/2008
DuncanDonnCase Summary9/26/2008
FerrellRonnieCase Summary12/9/2010
GreenCrosleyCase Summary8/31/2009
GreenRyan Case Summary1/31/2008
LarzelereVirginiaCase Summary8/1/2008
LoureiroOmarCase Summary7/14/2010
MahnJason Case Summary9/1/2010
McDuffieRoyCase Summary11/19/2008
ParkerDwayneCase Summary4/29/2010
PearceFaunceCase Summary5/20/2009
PerezDanielCase Summary7/22/2006
PorterGeorgeCase Summary9/17/2010
RiechmannDieterCase Summary3/19/2010
SmithLawrenceCase Summary4/22/2008
SpazianoJosephCase Summary1/1/1997
TennisGabbyCase Summary4/27/2009
ThomasDavidCase Summary9/2/2009
WilliamsKirkCase Summary5/20/2010
WilliamsRonaldCase Summary7/28/2008
Last NameFirst NameLast ActionEvent DateCourtUpdated
Van PoyckWilliam3.851 Motion filed12/5/2011CC4/28/2011
HudsonRussellStatus Conference6/6/2011CC5/2/2011
HojanGerhardStatus Conference6/6/2011CC5/2/2011
Hernandez, Jr.MichaelEvidentiary Hearing5/17/2011CC4/13/2011
HaywardStevenStatus Conference5/13/2011CC5/2/2011
KopshoWilliamOral argument held5/5/2011FSC5/16/2011
NelsonJoshua Oral argument held5/4/2011FSC5/16/2011
TaylorWilliamOral argument scheduled for 09/08/115/4/2011FSC5/4/2011
TaylorWilliamOral argument scheduled for 09/08/115/4/2011FSC5/4/2011
Walker IIRobert SOral argument scheduled 09/09/115/3/2011FSC5/3/2011
IbarPablo Status Conference5/2/2011CC4/27/2011
StewartKennethReply filed4/29/2011USDC-M5/3/2011
RimmerRobertMandate issued4/28/2011FSC5/3/2011
WrightTavaresStatus conf. scheduled 05/26/114/27/2011CC4/27/2011
ShereRichard3.851 Appeal filed4/27/2011FSC5/9/2011
TaylorStevenMandate issued4/25/2011FSC4/26/2011
PhillipsGalanteStatus Conference4/19/2011CC4/18/2011
TanziMichaelAnswer brief filed4/19/2011FSC5/4/2011
TanziMichaelResponse filed4/19/2011FSC5/4/2011
WillacyChadwickInitial brief filed4/18/2011FSC4/20/2011