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AllenLloyd 890793CCRC-SCase Summary

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10/14/2003USDC03-10077Habeas petition
6/12/2009USDC03-10077COA application
6/19/2009USDC03-10077COA granted
3/10/2006FSC06-4753.853 Appeal
2/15/2007FSC06-475Denial affirmed
7/1/2009USCA09-13217Habeas appeal filed
9/30/2010USCA09-13217Denial affirmed
2/14/2011USSC10A524Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed

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The Commission onCapital Cases updates this information regularly.  This information,however, is subject to change and may not reflect the latest status of aninmate’s case and should not be relied on for statistical or legal purposes.


ALLEN, Lloyd Chase (W/M)

AKA: Lee Brock

DC#    890793

DOB:   10/25/45


Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, Monroe County, Case #92-30056-CF

Sentencing Judge: The Honorable Richard Fowler

Trial Attorney: Gerod Hooper – Assistant Public Defender

Attorney, Direct Appeal: Valerie Jonas – Assistant PublicDefender

Attorneys, Collateral Appeal: Leor Veleanu – CCRC-S &William McKinley Hennis – CCRC-S/Federal


Date of Offense:          11/13/91

Date of Sentence:        03/03/93



Circumstances of Offense:


Lloyd Chase Allen, the defendant, was convicted andsentenced to death for the November 13, 1991, murder of Dortha Cribbs.


Apparently, Cribbs met Allen at a truck stop while drivingfrom her home in Ohio to Florida.  Allen accompanied Cribbs to visit herfriend in Jacksonville Beach and to sell her trailer in Bunnell.  Cribsannounced to her friends that after she sold her trailer and her vacation homein Summerland Key, she planned to enter the trucking business with Allen. Cribbs reportedly sold her trailer for $4,100.


A witness outside of Cribbs’ Summerland Key home saw herexit and re-enter in the early morning of her murder.  The witness alsosaw Allen exit and re-enter that day around 11 a.m.  A real estate agententered the house around 12:30 p.m. after his knocks went unanswered anddiscovered Cribbs’ body lying face down in the master bedroom surrounded by apool of blood.  Cribbs suffered from a stab wound in her neck, severingher carotid artery and subsequently causing her to bleed to death.  Themedical examiner estimated that it took Cribbs 30 minutes to bleed to death,retaining consciousness for 15 minutes.  There were also two pre-morbidstab wounds to Cribbs’ face and ligature marks found on her wrists and ankles.


Items belonging to Allen were found at the scene, inaddition to a pair of bloodstained jeans and a semen-stained towel. Cribbs’ $8000 diamond ring was missing, as well as her $4100.


A taxi driver testified that he drove Allen from theBuccaneer Lodge Tiki Lounge to Key Largo around 12:30 p.m. the day of themurder.  Cribbs’ car was later found abandoned at the Buccaneer Lodge TikiLounge.  Police recovered a trucker’s logbook belonging to Allen inCribbs’ car, which subsequently led to his arrest in California on February 18,1992.



Additional Information:


Allen committed the capital felony after having escaped froma work release program in Kansas.


DNA laboratory tests confirm that the semen found on thetowel could have originated from Allen.


During the penalty phase of the trial, Allen voluntarilychose to represent himself, and was found competent by the court to doso.  He also elected not to introduce any mitigating evidence on hisbehalf and actually asked for the penalty of death.



Trial Summary:


02/18/92         Defendant arrested in California.

02/26/92         Defendant indicted for First-Degree Murder, Case # 92-30056-CF

                                   CountI:            Robbery with aDeadly Weapon

                                   CountII:           Grand Theft

                                   CountIII:         Grand Theft Auto

                                   CountIV:         Kidnapping

04/14/92         Public Defender appointed.

04/28/92         Written plea of “not guilty” entered.

02/12/93         The jury found the defendant guilty of First Degree Murder, as to:

                                   Count I:            Robberywith a Deadly Weapon – Acquitted

                                   CountII:           Grand Theft –Acquitted

                                   CountIII:         Grand Theft Auto – Guilty

                                   CountIV:         Kidnapping – Not Guilty

02/16/93         Upon advisory sentencing, the trial jury, by an 11 to 1 majority, voted for thedeath penalty.

03/03/93         The defendant was sentenced as followed:

                                   Murder in the First-Degree – Death

                                   Count III:         Grand Theft Auto – 5years



Appeal Summary:


Florida SupremeCourt – Direct Appeal

FSC #81,639

662 So. 2d 323


04/23/93         Appeal filed.

07/20/95         FSC affirmed convictions and sentence of death.

11/01/95         Rehearing denied.

12/01/95         Mandate issued.


United StatesSupreme Court – Petition for Writ of Certiorari

USSC #95-7555

517 U.S. 1107


01/23/96         Petition filed.

03/25/96         Petition denied.


Circuit Court –3.850 Motion

CC #92-30056


03/19/97         Motion filed.

12/18/01         Motion denied.


Florida SupremeCourt – 3.850 Appeal

FSC #SC02-371

854 So.2d 1255


02/15/02         Appeal filed.

07/10/03         Denial affirmed.

09/08/03         Rehearing Denied.

10/08/03         Mandate issued.


Florida SupremeCourt – Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

FSC #SC02-1079

854 So.2d 1255


05/08/02         Petition filed.

07/10/03         Petition denied.

10/08/03         Mandate issued.


United States District Court, Southern District –Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

USDC #03-CV-10077


10/14/03         Petition filed.

03/31/09         Petition denied.


Circuit Court – 3.853 Motion

CC #92-30056


03/16/05         Motion filed.

01/05/06         Motion denied.


Florida Supreme Court – 3.853 Motion Appeal

FSC# 06-475

957 So. 2d 635


03/10/06         Appeal filed.

02/15/07         Denial affirmed.


United States Court of Appeals, 11thCircuit – Habeas Appeal

USCA #09-13217-P 


07/01/09          Appealfiled.

09/30/10          Denialaffirmed.


United StatesSupreme Court – Petition for Writ of Certiorari

USSC # 10A524



02/14/11          Petitionfiled.





FactorsContributing to the Delay in the Imposition of the Sentence:


The FSC, in consideration of the financial status of theCCR, granted a motion to toll time regarding the filing of the 3.850 until09/01/97.  The disposition of his 3.850 Motion took over four years.



Case Information:


Allen filed his Direct Appeal to the Florida Supreme Courton 04/23/93.  Allen’s appeal claimed error in the admission of a familialphotograph of the victim, irrelevant familial testimony, and victim impactinformation.  Allen also claimed that the court failed to uphold theguidelines of mitigating evidence set forth in Koon. v. Dugger, which statethat upon accepting a waiver of mitigating evidence from a defendant, thedefense must investigate possible mitigating factors and place them onrecord.  Lastly, Allen claimed the court erred in its application ofpecuniary gain and HAC as aggravating factors.  The Supreme Court affirmedthe convictions and sentence of death on 07/20/95.


A Petition for Writ of Certiorari was filed on 01/23/96 inthe United States Supreme Court, and was denied on 03/25/96. 


On 03/19/97 Allen filed a 3.850 motion in the State CircuitCourt, which was denied on 12/18/01.  On 02/15/02, he filed an appeal ofthat decision in the Florida Supreme Court, which was affirmed on 7/10/03.


On 05/08/02, Allen filed a Petition for Writ of HabeasCorpus in the Florida Supreme Court, which was denied on 07/10/03.


On 10/14/03, Allen filed a Petition for Writ of HabeasCorpus in the United States District Court, Southern District that was deniedon 03/31/09.


On 03/16/05, Allen filed a 3.853 Motion in the State CircuitCourt that was denied on 01/05/06. 


On 03/10/06, Allen filed a 3.853 Motion Appeal in theFlorida Supreme Court.  On 02/15/07, the FSC affirmed the denial of themotion.  The Court denied a motion for rehearing on 02/15/07.


On 07/01/09, Allen filed a Habeas Appeal in the UnitedStates Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit and the denial was affirmed on09/30/10.


On 02/14/11, Allen filed a Petiton for Writ of Habeas Corpusin the United States Supreme Court. That petiton is pending.



Institutional Adjustment: LLOYD CHASE ALLEN DC #890793


 DATE                 DAYS                    VIOLATION                               LOCATION     

 --------  ----                         ----------------------------                          -------------------

 11/09/94               0                            POSS OFCONTRABAND          UNION C.I.       

 08/01/95               0                            POSS OF WEAPONS                UNION C. I.       

 08/02/95               0                            UNAUTH USE OF DRUGS         UNIONC. I.       

 08/18/95               0                            POSS OFCONTRABAND          UNION C.I.       

 09/04/95               0                            POSS OFCONTRABAND          UNION C.I.       



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