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LynchRichard E08942CCRC-MCase Summary

Last Action

DateCourtCase NumberLast Action
10/20/2006FSC06-22333.850 Appeal filed
1/25/2007FSC06-2233Status report
4/11/2008FSC06-2233Oral Arguments held
11/6/2008FSC06-2233Disposition affirmed
11/20/2008FSC06-2233Motion for Rehearing filed
1/30/2009FSC06-2233Rehearing denied
2/16/2009FSC06-2233Mandate entered
6/26/2007FSC07-1246Habeas Corpus
10/2/2007FSC07-1246Response to Habeas
4/11/2008FSC07-1246Oral Arguments held
11/6/2008FSC07-1246Habeas denied
11/20/2008FSC07-1246Motion for Rehearing filed
1/30/2009FSC07-1246Rehearing denied
2/16/2009FSC07-1246Mandate entered
4/24/2009USDC-M09-715Habeas Petition filed
11/15/2010USDC-M09-715Response filed

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The Commission on Capital Cases updates thisinformation regularly.  This information, however, is subject to changeand may not reflect the latest status of an inmate’s case and should not berelied upon for statistical or legal purposes. 


LYNCH, Richard (W/M)

DC#    E08942

DOB:  06/19/53


Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, Seminole County, Case#99-881-CFA

Sentencing Judge, Trial:  The Honorable O.H. Eaton

Attorney, Trial:  James Figgat – Private

Attorney, Direct Appeal:  Christopher S. Quarles – AssistantPublic Defender

Attorney, Collateral Appeals:  Marie-Louise Parmer& Leslie Scalley – CCRC-M


Date of Offense:  03/05/99

Date of Sentence:  04/03/01


Circumstances of the Offense:


Richard Lynch pled guilty to the 03/05/99 murders ofRoseanna Morgan and her 13-year-old daughter, Leah Caday.


Lynch admitted to having an extramarital affair withRoseanna Morgan between August 1998 and February 1999.  During that time,they had run up credit card bills.  When Morgan ended the affair, Lynchasked her to assist in the credit card debt they had acquired together. Additionally, Lynch wrote a letter to his wife prior to the events on 03/05/99,admitting to the affair. In the letter, he had directed his wife to letters andpictures Morgan had given Lynch during the affair.  Lynch asked his wifeto send the letters and pictures to Morgan’s family.  He wrote:  “Iwant them to have a sense of why it happened, some decent closure, a reason andunderstanding…”  A doctor for the State testified that this was evidenceof a murder-suicide plot.


On 03/05/99, Lynch went to her apartment with 3 handgunswith the intent of getting Morgan to pay off the credit card bills.  Whenhe arrived at the apartment, Morgan was not there, but Caday was.  Heshowed her the gun he had on him and forced her to stay there with him untilher mom returned.  Lynch told detectives that he just planned on showingMorgan the guns to make her sit down and talk to him.  He furtherconfessed to shooting her four or five times with one gun, bringing her intothe apartment and then shooting her in the back of the head with a differentgun.  Lynch then admitted that he shot Caday in her back.  BothMorgan and Caday died of their gunshot wounds.  


Lynch had called 911 and admitted to the operator all of theabove events and said he was going to kill himself. He also called his wifethree times during the events, and she testified that she could hear a womanscreaming in the background.  The second time he called, she testifiedthat he admitted to shooting someone. 


A few of Morgan’s neighbors testified to the events of03/05/99 as well.  One neighbor testified to looking out a peephole afterhearing the first gunshots and seeing Morgan being dragged into her apartmentby Lynch.  The neighbor further testified that Morgan was screaming andappeared to be bloody from the waist down.  The neighbor also testifiedthat, after Lynch closed the door, 3 more gunshots were heard.  Anotherneighbor also testified to hearing 3 more shots 5 or 7 minutes after the firstshots.


After a standoff with the police, Lynch was arrested. During the interview after his arrest, he confessed to all the eventsdescribed.  


Trial Summary:


03/23/99         Indicted as follows:

                                   Count I:          First-Degree Murder

                                   Count II:         First-Degree Murder

                                   Count III:        Armed Burglary of aDwelling

                                   Count IV:        Kidnapping

10/19/00         Jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts of the indictment and waived hisright to a penalty phase jury.

04/03/01         The defendant was sentenced as follows:

                                   CountI:           First-DegreeMurder – Death

                                   CountII:         First-Degree Murder – Death

                                   CountIII:        Armed Burglary of a Dwelling –Life

                                   CountIV:        Kidnapping – Life


Appeal Summary:


Florida Supreme Court – Direct Appeal

FSC# 01-795

841 So. 2d 362 (Fla. 2003)


04/12/01         Direct Appeal filed

01/09/03         Convictions and sentences affirmed

03/21/03         Rehearing denied

03/21/03         Mandate issued

United States Supreme Court – Petition for WritCertiorari

USSC# 02-11318

124 S. Ct. 189; 157 L. Ed. 2d 123; 2003


06/19/03         Petition filed

10/06/03         Petition denied


State Circuit Court – 3.850 Motion

CC# 99-881-CFA


07/26/04         Motion filed

03/30/06         Order denying Lynch’s 3.850 Motion

04/03/06         Amended order denying Lynch’s 3.850 Motion

10/09/06         Motion for Rehearing denied


Florida Supreme Court – 3.850 Appeal

FSC# 06-2233

2 So.3d 47


11/13/06         Appeal filed

11/06/08         Disposition affirmed

11/20/08         Motion for Rehearing filed

01/30/09         Rehearing denied

02/16/09         Mandate issued


Florida Supreme Court – Petition for Writ of HabeasCorpus

FSC# 07-1246

2 So.3d 47


07/03/07         Petition filed

11/06/08         Petition denied

11/20/08         Motion for Rehearing filed

01/30/09         Rehearing denied

02/16/09         Mandate issued


United States District Court, Middle District – HabeasPetition

USDC# 09-715



04/24/09         Petition filed


Case Information:


On 04/12/01, Lynch filed his Direct Appeal to the FloridaSupreme Court.  During his appeal, Lynch made several claims.  Thefirst claim was the trial court erred in the finding of HAC as an aggravatingfactor in Caday’s murder.  He also argues the trial court erred in thefinding of CCP as an aggravating factor in Morgan’s murder.  The FSC foundthat the trial court did not err in finding either the HAC or the CCP asaggravating factors.  They found that the suffering and emotional strainplaced on Caday by holding her hostage and watching her mother be murderedbefore her own death was, in fact, enough to find the HAC aggravatingfactor.  They also found that the murder of Morgan was cold, calculatedand premeditated in that Lynch shot her 4 or 5 times before switching guns andthen shooting her execution style.  Lynch also claims that the writtensentencing order was not clear as to whether the judge found the mental healthmitigators to be statutory or nonstatutory mitigators.  Although the Courtfound that the sentencing order was not as clear as it could have been, it wasnot a reversible error.  The Court affirmed the convictions and sentenceson 01/09/03.  Subsequently, Lynch’s Motion for Rehearing was denied on03/21/03.


On 06/19/03, Lynch filed for a Petition for Writ ofCertiorari to the United States Supreme Court, which was denied on 10/06/03.


On 07/26/04, Lynch filed a 3.850 Motion to the CircuitCourt.  The lower court issued an order denying Lynch’s 3.850 Motion on03/30/06.  On 04/03/06, the lower court issued an amended order denyingLynch’s 3.850 Motion.  Lynch’s Motion for a Rehearing was denied on10/09/06.


On 11/13/06, Lynch filed a 3.850 Appeal to the FloridaSupreme Court.  On 11/06/08, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed thedisposition of the lower court.  On 11/20/08, Lynch filed a Motion forRehearing, which was denied on 01/30/09.  On 02/16/09, the Florida SupremeCourt issued a mandate in accordance with the opinion rendered on 11/06/08.


On 07/03/07, Lynch filed a Petition for Writ of HabeasCorpus to the Florida Supreme Court, which was denied on 11/06/08.  On11/20/08, Lynch filed a Motion for Rehearing, which was denied on01/30/09.  On 02/16/09, the Florida Supreme Court issued a mandate inaccordance with the opinion rendered on 11/06/08.


On 04/24/09, Lynch filed a Petition for Writ of HabeasCorpus in the United States District Court, Middle District.  Thispetition is currently pending.


Institutional Adjustment:


DATE            DAYS            VIOLATION                        LOCATION      

--------             ----                  ----------------                           -------------------

04/05/01         0                     LYING TO STAFF               FLORIDA STATE PRISON

08/26/02         0                     DISOBEYING ORDER        FLORIDA STATE PRISON




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