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PuiattiCarl 716927Counsel Pro Hac ViceCase Summary

Last Action

DateCourtCase NumberLast Action
9/11/2006FSC 05-1877Disposition affirmed
9/30/2005FSC05-18773.850 Appeal filed
11/29/2010USCA09-15514PReversed and Remanded to USDC
5/15/2008USDC-M92-539Case reopened
11/24/2008USDC-M92-539Amended Habeas Petition filed
6/5/2009USDC-M92-539Response brief filed
7/15/2009USDC-M92-539Reply filed
8/14/2009USDC-M92-539Habeas Petition granted; Order for new penalty phase

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DC#   716927

DOB: 10/03/62


SixthJudicial Circuit, Pasco County, Case# 83-1383CFBES

SentencingJudge:  The Honorable Wayne L. Cobb

Judge,Collateral Appeal: The Honorable Maynard F. Swanson, Jr.

Attorneys,Trial:  Howardene Garrett & William K. Eble – Assistant PublicDefenders

Attorney,Direct Appeal:  Robert F. Moeller – Assistant Public Defender

Attorney,Collateral Appeals:  Steven A. Reiss, Miranda Schiller, Erin J. Law &Joanna R. Varon – Counsel Pro Hac Vice


Date ofOffense:  08/16/83

Date ofSentence:  05/04/84


Circumstanceof Offense:


CarlPuiatti and Robert Dewey Glock abducted the victim, Sharilyn Ritchie, thenrobbed and shot her to death.


On08/16/83, Ritchie was confronted by Puiatti and Glock as she exited her car inthe parking lot of a Bradenton shopping mall.  The pair forced Ritchieback into her car, then drove away with her.  They took $50 from her purseand coerced her into cashing a $100 check at her bank.  They then tookRitchie to an orange grove outside Dade City where they took the victim’swedding ring and abandoned her at the roadside.  After traveling a shortdistance, the pair decided to kill the woman and they returned in the car toher.  Puiatti shot her twice.  They then drove away, but when theysaw she was still standing, they drove back and Glock shot her.  When thewoman did not fall, the pair made a third pass with the car and Glock shot heragain.


Fourdays later, a New Jersey state trooper stopped the victim’s vehicle and foundtwo handguns inside.  He arrested Puiatti and Glock on a weaponsviolation.  Police later identified the handgun inside the car’s gloveboxas the murder weapon.


The nextday, Puiatti and Glock individually confessed to kidnapping, robbery andkilling the victim.  The initial confessions varied, but on 08/24/83, bothmen gave a joint statement in which they agreed that Glock initially suggestedshooting the victim and that Puiatti fired the first shots and Glock fired thefinal shots.




RobertDewey Glock, II (DC# 093836)


For hisrole in the murder, Glock was jointly tried with Puiatti.  He was representedby private counsel, Robert J. Trogolo.  On 05/04/84, Glock received thedeath sentence for the murder and two life sentences for the armed robbery andkidnapping convictions (CC# 83-1383).  Glock was executed on January 2001.




At thetime of the murder, Puiatti was on probation after being convicted of burglaryand introducing contraband to a county facility.




10/13/83         Indicted as follows:

CountI:           First-degreemurder

CountII:         Kidnapping

CountIII:        Armed robbery

03/23/84         Jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts of the indictment

03/25/84         Jury recommended death by a vote of 11-1

05/04/84         Sentenced as follows:

CountI:           First-degreemurder – Death

CountII:         Kidnapping – Life

CountIII:        Armed robbery – Life




FloridaSupreme Court – Direct Appeal


521So.2d 1106


05/15/84         Appeal filed

08/21/86         FSC affirmed the conviction and sentence

10/28/86         Rehearing denied


UnitedStates Supreme Court – Petition for Writ of Certiorari


481 U.S.1027
12/24/86          Petition filed

04/27/87         USSC remanded petition to FSC


FloridaSupreme Court – Direct Appeal (on remand)


521So.2d 1106


04/27/87         USSC remanded to FSC

03/17/88         FSC affirmed the conviction and sentence


UnitedStates Supreme Court – Petition for Writ of Certiorari


488 U.S.871


06/17/88         Petition filed

10/03/88         Petition denied


FloridaSupreme Court – Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus


589So.2d 231


10/17/89         Petition filed

10/03/91         Petition denied

12/12/91         Rehearing denied

12/12/91         Mandate issued


StateCircuit Court – 3.850 Motion



02/27/90         Motion filed

04/27/90         Motion denied


FloridaSupreme Court – 3.850 Appeal


589So.2d 231


06/25/90         Appeal filed

10/03/91         FSC affirmed trial court’s denial of 3.850 Motion

12/12/91         Rehearing denied

12/12/91         Mandate issued


UnitedStates District Court, Middle District – Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus



04/21/92         Petition filed

06/05/95         Order directing administrative closure

03/16/98         Case reopened

07/22/02         Order directing administrative closure

05/15/08         Case reopened

11/24/08         Amended Petition filed

08/14/09         Petition granted; Order granting new penalty phase.


StateCircuit Court – 3.850 Motion



01/30/03         Motion filed

06/03/03         Motion denied


FloridaSupreme Court – 3.850 Appeal


906So.2d 1059 (2005)


07/11/03         Appeal filed

06/08/05         FSC affirmed trial court’s order denying successive 3.850 Motion


StateCircuit Court – 3.850 Motion



07/19/05         Successive motion filed

09/07/05         Order denying successive motion


Florida Supreme Court – 3.850 Appeal


939So.2d 1060 (2006)


09/30/05         Appeal filed

09/11/06         FSC affirmed the trial court’s denial of Puiatti’s 3.850 Motion


UnitedStates Court of Appeals (11th Circuit) – State Appeal of USDC# 92-539




10/26/09         Appeal filed


UnitedStates Court of Appeals (11th Circuit) – Appeal of USDC# 92-539

USCA# 09-15514P


11/16/09         Appeal filed

11/29/10           Reversed and Remanded to USDC.




09/27/89         Death warrant signed by Governor Bob Martinez

12/06/89         Scheduled execution date

10/24/89         Florida Supreme Court granted stay of execution


FactorsContributing to the Delay in the Imposition of the Sentence:


Delaysin this case stemmed primarily from the number of appeals filed, a remand, anda nine-year-old Habeas petition filed in United States District Court. The United States Supreme Court, in granting the Certiorari, remanded Puiatti’sDirect Appeal to the Florida Supreme Court after the Court denied it. Nearly four years passed from the filing of the Direct Appeal on 05/15/84 toits final disposition on 03/17/88.  The defendant filed a second Petitionfor Writ of Certiorari to United States Supreme Court on 06/17/88.  Priorto the United States District Court, Middle District, Habeas petition filed on04/21/92, Puiatti filed a Habeas petition to the Florida Supreme Court.




Puiattifiled a Direct Appeal to the Florida Supreme Court on 05/15/84.  Amongseveral other arguments, Puiatti asserted that the trial court’s failure tosever his trial from Glock’s denied his right to confront Glock as to thoseportions of Glock’s initial confession which implicated Puiatti.  TheCourt affirmed the trial court’s conviction and sentence on 08/21/86.  Therehearing was denied on 10/28/86.


On12/24/86, Puiatti filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United StatesSupreme Court.  The Court vacated the Florida Supreme Court’s decision andremanded the case on 04/27/87. 


Onremand, on 04/27/87, the Florida Supreme Court held that the introduction ofthe individual interlocking confession of Glock and the joint confession washarmless error, even if it was an error.  On 03/17/88, the Court affirmedthe conviction and sentence.


On06/17/88, Puiatti filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United StatesSupreme Court a second time, which was denied on 10/03/88. 


Puiattifiled a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to the Florida Supreme Court on 10/17/89. Most of his claims involved ineffective counsel.  On 02/27/90, he thenfiled a 3.850 Motion to the Circuit Court.  After the Circuit Court deniedthe Motion on 04/27/90, Puiatti appealed the decision to the Florida SupremeCourt.  Most of his arguments involved trial court error.  On10/03/91, the Court consolidated the opinion, denied the Habeas petition, andaffirmed the Circuit Court’s denial of the 3.850 Motion.


On04/21/92, Puiatti filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to the United StatesDistrict Court, Middle District.  On 06/05/95, the case wasadministratively closed.  The petition was reopened on 03/16/98, howeverwas administratively closed on 07/22/02 and has been ordered to remain so untilPuiatti moves to open the case.  On 05/15/08, the case was reopened. On 11/24/08, Puiatta filed an Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. The Petition was granted on 08/14/09, which vacated Puiatti’s death sentenceand granted a new penalty phase.


On 01/30/03,Puiatti filed a 3.850 Motion to the Circuit Court, which was denied on06/03/03. 


Puiattifiled a 3.850 Appeal to the Florida Supreme Court on 07/11/03.  On06/08/05, the Court affirmed trial court’s order denying his successive 3.850Motion.


On07/19/05, Puiatti filed a successive 3.850 Motion to the Circuit Court. On 09/07/05, an order summarily denied the motion and was signed by JudgeDiskey.


On09/30/05, Puiatti filed a 3.850 Appeal to the Florida Supreme Court. Puiattti claimed that a retroactive change in the law governing claims ofineffective assistance of the penalty phase counsel.  Puiatti also claimedmental health discovered during post-conviction proceedings demonstrate that hereceived ineffective counsel during the penalty phase.  Both claims areprocedurally barred in successive post-conviction proceedings.  On09/11/06, the Court affirmed the trial court’s denial of Puiatti’s 3.850Motion.

On10/26/09, the State filed an Appeal to the United States Eleventh Court of Appealsregarding United States District Court Case #92-359.  This appeal ispending.


On11/16/09, Puiatti filed an Appeal to the United States Eleventh Court ofAppeals regarding United States District Court Case #92-359.  This appealwas reversed and remanded to United States District Court Case #92-359.




DATE            DAYS            VIOLATION                                    LOCATION      

--------             ----                  ----------------------------            -------------------

10/01/90         0                     DISOBEYING ORDER        FLORIDA STATE PRISON

01/30/92         0                     LYING TO STAFF               FLORIDA STATE PRISON

08/17/92         0                     DISOBEYING ORDER        FLORIDA STATE PRISON

04/04/93         0                     DISOBEYING ORDER        FLORIDA STATE PRISON

02/28/94         0                     CONSUME INTOXICANTS                       UNION C. I.        

12/17/94         0                     POSS OF NARCOTICS                   UNION C. I.        

01/14/95         0                     POSS OF CONTRABAND              UNION C. I.        

03/30/00         180                 UNAUTH USE OFDRUGS            UNION C. I.    

11/07/03         30                   POSS OF CONTRABAND              UNION C.I.

08/18/05         30                   DISOBEY REGULATIONS                       UNION C.I.

09/23/05         30                   DISOBEYING ORDER                   UNION C.I.




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