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SuggsErnest 220267PrivateCase Summary

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DateCourtCase NumberLast Action
6/7/2006USDC-N06-cv-00111Habeas appeal filed
7/21/2006USDC-N06-cv-00111Response filed
11/27/2006USDC-N06-cv-00111Reply brief filed
10/11/2007USDC-N06-cv-00111Amended Habeas filed
3/26/2009USDC-N06-cv-00111Habeas Petition denied
4/10/2009USDC-N06-cv-00111Motion to Alter Judgment filed
4/20/2009USDC-N06-cv-00111Motion to Alter Judgment Denied
5/19/2009USCA09-12718Habeas Petition Appeal filed
6/24/2010USCA09-12718USCA affirmed the denial of the Habeas Petition
3/28/2011USSC10-8579 Petition denied
1/18/2011USSC10-8579Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed
2/24/2011USSC10-8579Response filed

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SUGGS, Ernest D. (W/M)

DC #   220267

DOB:   08/08/55


­­­­First Judicial Circuit, Walton County, Case #90-338-CF

Sentencing Judge: The Honorable Laura Melvin

Attorney, Trial: Robert Kimel and Doral Steward – Private

Attorney, Direct Appeal: Larry D. Simpson – Private

Attorney, Collateral Appeals:  Martin McClain – Private


Date of Offense: 08/06/90

Date of Sentence: 07/15/92


Circumstances of Offense:


Ernest Suggs was convicted and sentenced to death for themurder of Pauline Casey.


Pauline Casey worked at the Teddy Bear Bar in WaltonCounty.  On 08/06/90, the bar was found unlocked and cash wasmissing.  Furthermore, Casey’s purse, keys, and car were found at the bar,but the victim was not.  Ray Hamilton, a neighbor of Casey’s, reported topolice that Casey and a customer, who he did not recognize, were playing poolwhen he left.  The police were put on alert looking for the man and theman’s car that matched Hamilton’s description. 


Ernest Suggs was pulled over based on the description of thecar.  Suggs permitted police to search his home and car.  They found$170 in small bills, hand and fingerprints belonging to Casey in Suggs’ car,and blood that matched the victim’s blood on a shirt belonging to Suggs. In the bay behind Suggs’ residence, the police also found a key to the bar anda beer mug similar to the beer mugs at the Teddy Bear Bar.  The policematched Suggs’ tire tracks from his automobile to tracks found on a local dirtroad.  In a search of this area, police found Casey’s body a shortdistance from the road on which the tire tracks were found.  She wasstabbed twice in the neck and once in the back.  Suggs was arrested afterthe discovery of Casey’s body.  Ernest Suggs asserted that he had beenframed for the murder of Casey.

Trial Summary:


08/22/90         Suggs was indicted on the following counts:

CountI:           First-DegreeMurder (Pauline Casey)

CountII:         Kidnapping

CountIII:        Armed Robbery with a DeadlyWeapon

09/07/90         Suggs was found guilty on all counts charged in the indictment.

06/09/92         Upon advisory sentencing, the jury, by a 7 to 5 majority, voted for the deathpenalty.

07/15/92         Suggs was sentenced as follows:

CountI:           First-DegreeMurder (Pauline Casey) – Death

CountII:         Kidnapping – 22 years, less709 days credit time served

CountIII:        Armed Robbery with a DeadlyWeapon – 12 years, less 709 days credit time served


Appeals Summary:


Florida Supreme Court – Direct Appeal

FSC #80,340

644 So. 2d 64 (Fla. 1994)


08/17/92         Appeal filed

09/01/94         FSC affirmed the conviction and sentence

10/25/94         Rehearing denied

11/29/94         Mandate issued


United States Supreme Court – Petition for Writ ofCertiorari

USSC #94-1421

514 U.S. 1083 (U.S. 1995)


02/23/95         Petition filed

04/24/95         Petition denied


Circuit Court – 3.850 Motion

CC #90-338-CF


01/24/97         Motion filed

03/02/98         Amended Motion filed

08/31/01         Second Amended Motion filed

01/14/02         Huff hearing held

06/12/03         Motion denied

Florida Supreme Court – 3.850 Appeal

FSC #03-1330

923 So.2d 419 (2005)


07/18/03         Appeal filed

11/17/05         FSC affirmed the denial of Suggs’ 3.850 Motion

02/22/06         Rehearing denied

03/10/06         Mandate issued


Florida Supreme Court – Petition for Writ of HabeasCorpus

FSC #04-224

923 So.2d 419 (2005)


02/16/04         Petition filed

11/17/05         Petition denied

02/22/06         Rehearing denied

03/10/06         Mandate issued


United States District Court, North District –Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

USDC #06-cv-00111


06/07/06         Petition filed

10/11/07         Amended petition filed

03/26/09         Petition denied

04/10/09         Motion to Alter Judgment filed

04/20/09         Motion to Alter Judgment denied


United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit – HabeasPetition Appeal

USCA# 09-12718

609 F.3d 1218


05/19/09         Appeal filed

06/24/10          Denial of Petition affirmed


United States Supreme Court – Petition for Writ ofCertiorari

USSC# 10-8579


01/18/11            Petition filed

03/2/11              Petition denied


Factors Contributing to the Delay in Execution ofSentence:


A 3.850 Motion was pending for more than 6 years prior to bedenied.


Case Information:


Ernest Suggs filed his Direct Appeal with the FloridaSupreme Court on 08/17/92.  He raised several issues on DirectAppeal.  Suggs argued that the judge erred in allowing another judge totestify on behalf of the state, in not suppressing evidence collected fromSuggs’ home, in not granting Suggs’ motion for a mistrial, in admitting a bookcalled Deal the First Deadly Blow, and in the handling of aggravatingfactors.  Suggs also contended that certain actions of the prosecutordenied Suggs a fair trial and that the evidence did not sustain a conviction onthe kidnapping charge.  The Florida Supreme Court did not find errors thatwarranted reversing the conviction or sentence.  The Florida Supreme Courtaffirmed the conviction and sentence on 09/01/94.  Rehearing was denied on10/25/94.  A Mandate was issued on 11/29/94.


Suggs filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the UnitedStates Supreme Court on 02/23/95.  The United States Supreme Court deniedthe petition on 04/24/95.


Suggs filed a 3.850 Motion in the Walton County CircuitCourt on 01/24/97.  The case was transferred to Judge Lewis Lindseybecause Judge Laura Melvin retired.  The case then was transferred toJudge Remington of Okaloosa County in June of 2000.  The 3.850 Motion,filed on 01/24/97, was denied on 06/12/03.


Suggs filed a 3.850 Appeal in the Florida Supreme Court on07/18/03.  On 11/17/05, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed the denial ofSuggs’ 3.850 Motion.


Suggs filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in theFlorida Supreme Court on 02/16/04.  The petition was denied on 11/17/05.


On 06/07/06, Suggs filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpusin the United States District Court, North District.  On 10/11/07, Suggsfiled an Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus.  This petition wasdenied on 03/26/09.  On 04/10/09, Suggs filed a Motion to Alter Judgment,and it was denied on 04/20/09.


On 05/19/09, Suggs filed a Notice of Appeal in the UnitedStates Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit.  The USCA affirmed the denial ofthe petition on 06/24/10.


Suggs filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the UnitedStates Supreme Court on 01/18/11. This petition was denied on 03/28/11.


Institutional Adjustment:


DATE            DAYS             VIOLATION                                     LOCATION      

--------           ----                ----------------------------                 -------------------

11/13/92         20                  LYING TOSTAFF                            FSP




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Approved:       02/12/02          W.S.

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